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Going Beyond the Flame

Graphic and website design for Fire Departments that creates a stronger community through stronger communication

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Benefits of Online Communication


A strong community requires strong communication across proper channels.  Each channel requires a different communication strategy. Figuring out the best channels and strategy that fits your organization and community is the challenge a lot of departments struggle with.  Let me help you make that connection so that you can serve your community better.

Let’s talk about Numbers:

Approximately 7 in 10 Americans use social media to connect with others, access news and information, and entertainment.

of adults use some type of social media
of adults have smartphones
of adults get their news from a smartphone, computer or tablet
of adults use the internet
*** Data from Pew Research Center
PIO Design Studio helped our fire department to build an online presence through a beautiful interactive website while also designing our social media branding for all platforms. 

Chief Rob Reardon, Duxbury Fire Department

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