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Build Trust

showcase your organization's mission, purpose, and benefits by highlighting your members and what they do.

improve productivity

Linked to administration forms and paperwork so that permits and inspections are easier to process and complete.

Increase Engagement

Inform your community about emergencies, events, changes, and updates

Expand Education

Educate your community on topics that are in line with your organization and important to them such as safety, protection, and Conservation.

Communicate with your community 24/7

A strong community requires strong communication across proper channels.  Each channel requires a different communication strategy. Figuring out the best channels and strategy that fits your organization and community is the challenge a lot of departments struggle with.  Let me help you make that connection so that you can serve your community better.


Website Design Process


Let's get to know each Other

When we meet we will discuss your organization, its goals, and mission. We will outline your website needs and answer any questions you have about PIO Design Studio. 


Information Gathering  & evaluation

Before our second meeting, You will be provided with a questionnaire and outline of the content needed to continue to the planning and design step.


Planning & design

Next is the exciting phase! We will discuss the feel, content, and design of your site. At the end of this phase, you will provide with a website outline and design mock-up. 


Development & refinement

Once the site's design is finalized, we will start adding your organization's content. This will include photos, text, documents, videos, and other information to make your site engaging and impactful. 


Testing & Deployment

After the website is finalized, the site will be tested and modifications will be made. Then it goes live!


Handover & Support

Hand-off will begin once the website is working seamlessly and six months of support will be provided.


your questions answered

what platform is the website created on?

Websites are created on the Wix platform. The Wix platform is easy for the website owner to manage and maintain.  

can I update the website after it is created?

The Wix platform is easy to manage and maintain. 

What is the security like for my website?

Wix provides all sites with the highest international security standards. With automatic updates, they always stay secure.

Untitled design (1).png
How long will it take to develop the website?

Each website has different needs and requirements which will result in a different timeline for each project. Once we have defined the website, we will create a project timeline together.  

What is I need additional Support?

As you maintain and manage your website you have 24/7 customer support with Wix. Also, if you are in need of a design change we are always available to help.

Can you help with a blog?

PIO Design Studio can set up a blog for your website and help you with the first one or two posts. We can even help brainstorm posting ideas in line with your organization. Some potential blog ideas would be "Chief Corner", "Safety Segment", or "Firehouse Finds".  

is there a hosting fee?

Yes, however the hosting fee is included in the above package for the first year. After which there is a small annual maintenance fee which we will bill to you.

do i need my own photos?

Yes, you will need your own photos. Since your organization's website is about what they do it should be content that is unique to them. Your community wants to see their organization and what makes them great. 

What is SEO and can you help me with it?

SEO is Search engine optimization which is the process of optimizing a website so that it ranks higher in search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Amazon, and Bing. PIO Design Studios will help optimize your website so that it is more searchable.

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